Tuck-Pointing in Sydney


Tuckpointing, Brickwork and Masonry Services

Our experienced, fully qualified and licensed team can carry out any of the below services to your home or commercial building including many others such as house painting (inside and out), installing imitation sandstone, brick ties, brick stitching and many more. All jobs are carried out to the highest level of workmanship and guaranteed for up to 7 years.

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Tuckpointing and Repointing

Traditional Tuck Pointing is our passion, transforming a building using time honoured techniques and tools is extremely satisfying and the end results look stunning! We don’t cut any corners when it comes to restorations, all jobs are finished to the highest standards with a 7 year guarantee on our workmanship.

  • Traditional Tuckpointing methods
  • Highly experience (20yrs) and skilled workmanship
  • Heritage and Federation tuck pointing
  • Professionally qualified craftsmen
  • Thorough preparation of mortar cutting and re-layering
  • Accurate colour matching

Masonry, Brickwork and Mortar restorations

Our team of skilled craftsman are experts in all areas of repair or restoration of brickwork, masonry or mortar degradation. We can restore structural integrity for residential housing or commercial buildings. Ensuring all structures are returned to original condition and fully weatherproof.

  • Professional workmanship
  • Masonry specialists
  • Small and large jobs undertaken
  • Brick ties and brick stitching
  • Strategy planning and management

Brick Cleaning, Paint Removal and water proofing

We can effectively clean any kind of masonry whether it be brickwork, stone work, etc including removing paint from bricks. In addition if any structural issues are identify we can correct these, such as mortar repairs. After all cleaning and repairs have been conducted the brick or stone structure will be returned to original condition, with structural integrity in assured.

  • Brick walls and stonework cleaned
  • Effectively remove all paint from bricks and masonry
  • Resealing and waterproofing if required
  • Identify, fix and repair brickwork

Brick Staining Experts

We are experts at brick staining! If you haven’t heard of or don’t know what brick staining is, it is the process where we colour brickwork to make a contrasting pattern with your existing brick colour. In combination with tuckpointing the end result looks stunning and it really does add another level of character to your home, transforming the look completely.

  • Our team can provide expert advice on colours and patterns to suit your home.
  • Add another level of detail to your home with brick staining

Are you looking to give your house a new and look design? Try the brick cladding services by the Sydney Tuckpointing and make sure it strongly compliments your wall colour. Unlike the Traditional Brick cladding, which required an enormous investment of time and manpower, our latest brick cladding technique is fast and efficient.

Why You Need Brick Cladding in Sydney?

When looking for an elegant and graceful interiors for your house, try the brick cladding and make sure your walls compliments the bricks.

  • Brick cladding provides an amazing look to your building and also requires a very low maintenance.
  • Brick cladding brings a lot of protection to the wall as the brick being sturdier is coated with resistant materials.
  • The low cost of maintenance makes it the top choice of the customers in Sydney.

Give Us A Call for Cheapest Wall Brick Cladding Sydney

Our wall brick cladding services are extremely popular in Sydney, so what are you waiting for?Give us a call today for the cheapest wall brick cladding in Sydney. Our professionals are right at your service. Contact us at the earliest and get a free quote.

What are The Benefits of Sydney Brick Cladding?

The benefits of brick cladding are numerous and therefore is its demand in Sydney

  • Low Maintenance: When compared to painting, brick cladding is a better and requires a very low maintenance. The reason of being resistant to harsh weather, cold wind and extreme sunlight makes it much more reliable.
  • Looks Good: Brick cladding does not only give a long term solution to wearing off of the walls but also gives an elegant and classy look to the house. It is more durable and long lasting as it is coated with a resistant material.

The Sydney tuckpointing offers heritage restoration services for all ancient and old buildings that requires renovation and repair. We believe in restoring the ancient and vintage heritage of the country. We understand the attachment you have with your old ancestral house and therefore provide the best renovation to keep it alive and worth remembrance.

Heritage Restoration Services in Sydney

Our heritage restoration services includes complete renovation of your old house. Our restoration services are available a very reasonable price. We believe in preservation of your natural heritage and ensure to provide top quality services for a convincing end result.

Hire Us for Best Heritage Restoration Sydney

Our heritage restoration services are extremely popular in Sydney. Hire us for the best renovation and repair services for your house or office. We believe in passionately protecting the heritage sites for your future generation to enjoy the quality of craftsmanship provided by us. Over The years we have expanded our network and connected with the local and sydney based artists, architects and sub contractors.

Why Choose the Sydney Tuckpointing?

Our construction services are world class and executed with complete with honesty and dedication. The Sydney Tuckpointing provides :

  • On time Service
  • Best Brick and masonry work
  • Rejuvenate and adding value to work
  • Professional brick staining

Heritage Restoration Services Sydney

We provide complete renovation of old buildings with long term construction benefits. Our services are top quality ensuring a good customer experience. Our craftsmen come with great hands on training providing the best repair services in Sydney. We also provide farmhouse and rectory refurbishment ensuring that the rooms and walls are completely maintained and refurbished.

Hire most experienced Team for Heritage Restoration Sydney

Our team at the Sydney City Tuckpointing has the most experienced and skilled professionals with good hands on training. Contact us today and hire our restoration service at a very reasonable price.


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